We are a Singapore incorporated start-up company. We help our customers understand possibilities, provide system design, and collaborate with ecosystem partners to implement total solutions. We provide:

Solution Consultancy

We provide consultancy in digital transformation strategy and solution architecting. For instance, in a smart building project, we work with building owners, architects and MEP consultants to develop user requirements, provide concept design, define smart solutions and architecture, and provide technical expertise to tender issuance and review.

IoT Solutions and Services

We provide Internet of Thins (IoT) solutions, from sensing devices, network connectivity to cloud-based platform services. For certain applications, we also provide Solutions as a Service (SaaS).

We enable our customers reduce risk, increase productivity and meet regulatory compliance through asset tracking, condition monitoring, and remote control. Our managed services provide real-time data visibility and response solutions as needed. We assist our customers use IoT-enabled solutions to meet regulatory compliance e.g. HACCP (21 CFR Part 120,123), ISO 22000, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GxP and the like.


Here are some of the applications or use cases: cold chain management, facility monitoring, fridge & freezer data logger; soil moisture level, offshore buoys; thermal & steriliser validation; maintenance and troubleshooting, condition, vibration, tank level; deformation monitoring; light intensity, load profile and energy management; road traffic counting, vehicle emission

Innovation Award


SCU2 Labs has participated in many local and international innovation challenges and won various rewards and project funding. In late 2019, we won an innovation challenge with our AI-empowered artificial vision innovation and were awarded the prestigious EUREKA Label.

In our innovation drive, we collaborate with international renown research institutes and ecosystem partners to take on challenges resulting in meaningful ESG impact.