Flythings platform is created to help our customers to implement IOT solutions with well-tested ready-to-deploy capabilities and features, as illustrated below.

Flythings IOTaaS Platform

Flythings IOTaaS Flatform

The platform consists primarily of the following subsystems:

Data Acquisition: this subsystem can handle data from any sensors directly, or through a sensor network (e.g. Modbus, OPC-UA, etc). It also provides accessible API (e.g. MQTT, REST-JSON) for developers to integrate with other systems.

Data Processing & Advanced Analytics: this allows access and handling of data (continuous, or heterogeneous) and convert data into information. It can also integrate with advanced analytics (i.e. data modelling, AI/DL) to create valuable insights for decision making.

Data Visualization: Flythings creates dashboard with graphs and widgets of various types (e.g. real-time, georeferenced, alarm, mimic, etc) and provides several modules for various vertical markets, e.g. energy monitoring, quality control, image processing, remote support and so on.

Alarm & Actuation System: Flythings has an automated fully configurable real-time alarm system which alerts users of possible anomalies. These can include multiple variants, such as deviation of values based on a normalized curve, displacement of a device based on geographical location, defect of a device, and so on. Allows remote activation, setting changes and even firmware upgrade.

Admin & Support System: include device management, system integration tools, user administration, reporting and billing system.

Easy-to-Create Dashboard
GIS Information
Mimic Visualization


Flythings solutions have been used in a variety of applications that include energy monitoring, fleet monitoring & management, machine & process monitoring, predictive maintenance, building monitoring & management, indoor & outdoor air quality monitoring and so on.



Our customers have enjoyed fast to market, productivity/OEE improvement, cost saving, operation optimization, improvement of safety and security, early failure detection, reduced downtime and extended asset lifetime, agile and wise decision making.

You can reap the benefits too! With our well-tested ready-to-deploy IoT solution as a service, you can switch on and conduct your proof-of-concept (POC) in a matter of days.

Flythings IOTaaS is a solution from SCU2 Labs and Flythings Technologies.

FlyThing Technologies SL is a spin-off of the Technological Institute of Galicia, a non-profit foundation with near 30 years of experience in IT engineering solutions. Our IoT platform was created based on our experiences of more than 10 years monitoring physical parameters in different applications. FlyThings makes the Internet of things a reality by connecting users with all types of data and devices through the Internet. URL: