Our world is facing big challenges for sustainable growth. One of the smart solutions that we can tap on is IoT, or Internet of Things, solutions.

SCU2 Labs provides IoT end-to-end solution enablement, including sensing devices, network connectivity and cloud-based platform services. With well tested ready-to-deploy platform provided as a service (IOTaaS), we can help our customers conduct a Proof-of-Concept project within days. Our solutions enable our customers reduce system risks, increase productivity and meet regulatory compliance through asset tracking, condition monitoring, and remote control.

Our managed services provide real-time data visibility and response solutions as needed.

We assist our customers use IoT-enabled solutions to meet regulatory compliance e.g. HACCP (21 CFR Part 120,123), ISO 22000, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GxP and the like.


Our tested read-to-deploy IoT platform can help our customers conduct a POC project within days.

Applications: cold chain management, facility monitoring, fridge & freezer data logger; soil moisture level, offshore buoys; thermal & steriliser validation; maintenance and troubleshooting, condition, vibration, tank level; deformation monitoring; light intensity, load profile and energy management; road traffic counting, vehicle emission


We use statistics engines and machine learning techniques to obtain information insights from data. Applications include demand prediction and predicative maintenance.